Thursday, January 16, 2014

New YA

Graphic Novels:

Romeo & Juliet by Gareth Hinds -- She's a Capulet. He's a Montague. But when Romeo and Juliet first meet, they don't know they're from rival families -- and when they find out, they don't care. Their love is honest and raw and all-consuming. But, it's also dangerous. How much will they have to sacrifice before they can be together? In a masterful adaptation faithful to Shakespeare's original text, Gareth Hinds transports readers to the sun-washed streets and market squares of Shakespeare's Verona, vividly bringing the classic play to life on the printed page. Love and tragedy in Verona, with modern overtones and a multi-racial cast.

Bandette. Vol. 1, Presto by Paul Tobin -- The world's greatest thief is a costumed teen burglar in swinging Paris by the nome d'arte of Bandette! Gleefully plying her skills on either side of the law, Bandette is a thorn in the sides of both police inspector Belgique and the criminal underworld. But, it's not all breaking hearts and purloining masterpieces when a rival thief discovers that an international criminal organization wants Bandette dead!

Jane, the Fox, and Me by Fanny Britt -- Hélène has been inexplicably ostracized by the girls who were once her friends. Her loving mother is too tired to be any help. Fortunately, Hélène has one consolation, Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre. Hélène identifies strongly with Jane's tribulations, and when she is lost in the pages of this wonderful book, she is able to ignore her tormentors. But when Hélène is humiliated on a class trip in front of her entire grade, she needs more than a fictional character to allow her to see herself as a person deserving of laughter and friendship.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book Review

Ancient, Strange and Lovely by Susan Fletcher - This is a really wonderful story, about a young woman who finds a strange object in her missing mother's belongings, and is led into a marvelous adventure. If you enjoy dragons in "real world" settings, you'll love this story. Bryn is a strong and believable heroine, who loves her little sister, her parents, and even her difficult Aunt. The story opens with her feeling lost and alone, burdened with secrets she wishes she didn't have to keep, and rapidly moves into her discovery of what can only be an egg - which, to her amazement, hatches into a strange, lizardlike creature with wings! Bryn's struggles to keep her find secret, to take proper care of it, and to discover how it connects to the fact that her scientist mother has vanished in the Arctic wilderness, are all very well written. The villains are also believable, acting from their own needs and desires. All in all, it's a good story for anyone who loves fantasy in the real world, dragons, and adventure! And it is subtly connected to her other dragon fantasy books, as an added bonus.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

New YA Fiction


Far, Far Away by Tom McNeal -- When Jeremy Johnson Johnson's strange ability to speak to the ghost of Jacob Grimm draws the interest of his classmate Ginger Boltinghouse, the two find themselves at the center of a series of disappearances in their hometown.

Real Boy by Anne Ursu -- On an island on the edge of an immense sea, there is a city, a forest, and a boy. The city is called Asteri, a perfect city that was saved by the magic woven into its walls from a devastating plague that swept through the world over a hundred years before. The forest is called the Barrow, a vast wood of ancient trees that encircles the city and feeds the earth with magic. And the boy is called Oscar, a shop boy for the most powerful magician in the Barrow. Oscar spends his days in a small room in the dark cellar of his master's shop, grinding herbs and dreaming of the wizards who once lived on the island generations ago. Oscar's world is small, but he likes it that way. The real world is vast, strange, and unpredictable. And Oscar does not quite fit in it. But it's been a long time since anyone who could call himself a wizard walked the world, and now that world is changing. Children in the city are falling ill, and something sinister lurks in the forest. Oscar has long been content to stay in his small room in the cellar, comforted in the knowledge that the magic that flows from the trees will keep his island safe. Now, even magic may not be enough to save it.

Pretenders by Lisi Harrison -- Five high school freshmen -- the Phoenix Five -- reveal their friendships, crushes, school and family dramas, and big secrets, as told in their unique voices through journal entries.

Living with Jackie Chan by Johanna Knowles -- This isn't how Josh expected to spend senior year. He thought he'd be hanging out with his best friends, Dave and Caleb, driving around, partying, just like always. But here he is, miles from home -- going to a new school, living with his Jackie Chan-obsessed uncle, Larry. Trying to forget. But, Josh can't forget. So many things bring back memories of last year and the night that changed everything. He thinks about it every day. The pain, the shame, the just not knowing are never far from his thoughts. Why is he such a loser? How could he have done what he did? There are moments of peace, like when he's practicing karate paired with Stella, the girl upstairs and his one true friend. When they move together through the katas, Josh feels connected in a way he has never felt before. He wonders if they could be more than friends, but Stella's jealous boyfriend will make sure that doesn't happen. Maybe it doesn't matter. If Stella knew the truth, would she still think he was a true karate man?

Not a Drop to Drink by Mindy McGinnis -- Sixteen-year-old Lynn will do anything to protect her valuable water source, but the arrival of new neighbors forces her to reconsider her attitudes.

Killer of Enemies by Joseph Bruchac -- In a world that has barely survived an apocalypse that leaves it with pre-twentieth century technology, Lozen is a monster hunter for four tyrants who are holding her family hostage.

Red by Alison Cherry -- Felicity St. John has it all: loyal best friends, a hot guy, and artistic talent. And she's right on track to win the Miss Scarlet pageant. Her perfect life is possible because of just one thing: her long, wavy, coppery red hair. Having red hair is all that matters in Scarletville. Redheads hold all the power--and everybody knows it. That's why Felicity is scared down to her roots when she receives an anonymous note: "I know your secret. " Because Felicity is a big fake. Her hair color comes straight out of a bottle. And if anyone discovered the truth, she'd be a social outcast faster than she could say strawberry blond. Her mother would disown her, her friends would shun her, and her boyfriend would dump her. And forget about winning that pageant crown and the prize money that comes with it--money that would allow her to fulfill her dream of going to art school. Felicity isn't about to let someone blackmail her life away. But just how far is she willing to go to protect her red cred?

Blackout by Robison Wells -- A mysterious virus is spreading through America, infecting teenagers with incredible powers -- and a group of four teens are about to find their lives intertwined in a web of danger and catastrophic destruction.

Jumped In by Patrick Flores-Scott -- In the two years since his mother left him with his grandparents in Des Moines, Washington, Sam has avoided making friends and perfected the art of being a slacker, but being paired with a frightening new student for a slam poetry unit transforms his life.

Shadowhunter’s Codex by Cassandra Clare -- Delve into the details of all things Shadowhunter with this special collector's edition of the illustrated guide to the knowledge and lore of the Shadowhunter world. Since the thirteenth century, the Shadowhunter's Codex has been the" "one and only manual for Shadowhunters looking to brush up on their demon languages, learn proper stele use, and discover just what exactly a pyxis is. Featured in both The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices, this guide is a necessity for any young Nephilim on their journey to becoming a Shadowhunter. Beautifully illustrated, the Codex contains images of the famous Shadowhunter homeland of Idris, as well as depictions of demons and other Downworlders. But this isn't just any copy of "The Shadowhunter's Codex." It's Clary's copy, and as an artist herself, she's sketched pictures of her friends and family in the book, and scrawled helpful advice in the margins.

Clockwork Scarab by Gleason -- Stoker and Holmes #1 - In 1889 London young women are turning up dead, and Evaline Stoker, relative of Bram, and Mina Holmes, niece of Sherlock, are summoned to investigate the clue of the not-so-ancient Egyptian scarabs -- but where does a time traveler fit in?

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New YA Books

Graphic Novels: 

Transformers. Dark Prelude -- Collects six tales that fill in the background stories of such characters as Thundercracker, Bumblebee, and Trailcutter.
Thor. The Dark World Prelude -- collecting the official adaptation of Marvel's Thor and an all-new adventure leading you directly into the upcoming Marvel Studios blockbuster Thor: the Dark World ! First, get introduced to the world of Asgard and witness the origin of Marvel's mightiest hero! Then, find out what happened to your favorite Asgardians between the events of Thor and Marvel's the Avengers.

X-Men. Storm -- Long ago, Storm won leadership of the underground mutant community known as the Morlocks. But, her reign was a distant one, and Storm's neglected subjects grew increasingly embittered. Ultimately, the mad Mikhail Rasputin swept the Morlocks away into another dimension -- a harsh dimension where time ran much faster than normal. There, the next generation of Morlock children came of age, hard and cold and bitter. They returned as a terrorist unit called Gene Nation, and Storm nearly had to slay their leader to defeat them. Disturbed by her actions, haunted by the guilt of failing the Morlocks, Storm seeks a new balance in her life. But when she is abducted to Mikhail's brutal dimension, can Storm prevail against the living reminders of her failure? Or will the sins of her past drag her down?

Wonder Woman Chronicles Vol. 3 -- Wonder Woman battles German spies, the mysterious Mole Men, Dr. Psycho, with the help of Army Major Steve Trevor, as well as Etta Candy and the Holliday Girls.
Maximum Ride [the manga] Vol. 7 -- Fang's blog highlights ITEX and their research, causing them to shut down, while Max goes to Antarctica to study the effects of global warming.

Witch and Wizard the manga Vol. 3 -- Although Whit and Wisty's magic and their control over it have matured, they still find themselves helpless to prevent the one who is the one from destroying everyone and everything they hold dear. But there's a reckoning on the horizon, and the siblings have no choice but to devise a strategy to topple with one decisive blow the tyrant who has devastated their world before he becomes truly all-powerful.

Boxers by Gene Yang -- In China in 1898 bands of foreign missionaries and soldiers roam the countryside, bullying and robbing Chinese peasants. Little Bao has had enough: harnessing the powers of ancient Chinese gods, he recruits an army of Boxers -- commoners trained in kung fu who fight to free China from "foreign devils."

Saints by Gene Yang -- China, 1898. An unwanted and unwelcome fourth daughter, Four-Girl isn't even given a proper name by her family when she's born. She finally finds friendship -- and a name, Vibiana -- in the most unlikely of places: Christianity. But China is a dangerous place for Christians. The Boxer Rebellion is in full swing, and bands of young men roam the countryside, murdering Westerners and Chinese Christians alike. Torn between her nation and her Christian friends, Vibiana will have to decide where her true loyalties lie -- and whether she is willing to die for her faith.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Book Review

I just read a really really moving short story/novella entitled "The Snow Goose" by Paul Gallico.

We have a beautifully illustrated copy of it in YA here at Central:!648945~!3100001~!3100002&aspect=Starts%20With...&menu=search&ri=1&source=~!horizon&term=The+snow+goose+%2F&index=ALLTITL

It looks like a "picture book" for younger readers, but it is, rather, a very literate and beautifully told story about a reclusive artist, the birds that he watches over, a young girl who seeks him out despite his reputation, and, of course, the titular snow goose. It isn't a happy story; if you want a good 2 or 3 hankie read, this is it. It's also one that will stay with you for a long time. So give it a try!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New Books and BOOKSALE

Don't forget the 51st Annual Friends of the Library Booksale, starting tomorrow at the Fairgrounds.

And now, to some more new books:

45 Pounds (more or less) by K.A. Barson -- Ann Galardi is 16Nand a size 16. She's always struggled with her weight, and her perfect size 6 mother. This summer, it's worse: Aunt Jackie's getting married in August, and Ann's her bridesmaid. She decides she's losing 45 pounds in two monthsNor else. Thus begins a rollicking odyssey in this thoughtful debut.

Phoenix: A Black City Novel by Elizabeth Richards -- Engaged to be married, Ash and Natalie are just starting to build a life together when things in the United Sentry States go from bad to worse. Ash and Natalie find themselves at the center of turmoil when dictator Purian Rose threatens Natalie's life unless Ash votes in favor of Rose's Law - a law that will send Darklings and other dissenters to a deadly concentration camp known as the Tenth.

Battle of the Ampere - Michael Vey #3 by Richard Paul Evans -- To stop Hatch from using the Elgen fleet to gain world power, Michael and the rest of the Electroclan must destroy the lead ship, but divisions within the Electroclan threaten the success of their operation.

From Norvelt to Nowhere by Jack Gantos -- After an explosion, a new crime by an old murderer, and the sad passing of the founder of Norvelt, Pennsylvania, twelve-year-old Jack accompanies his slightly mental elderly mentor, Miss Volker, on a cross-country run as she pursues the oddest of outlaws.

Once We Were by Kat Zhang - Hybrid Chronicles #2 -- In the sequel to What's Left of Me, fifteen-year-old Addie and Eva struggle to share their body as they are drawn deeper into the fight for hybrid freedom from the government's oppression.

Princess of Cortova by Diane Stanley -- Silver Bowl #3 - With tensions rising between the kingdoms of Westria and Austlind, Molly and Tobias accompany King Alaric to Cortova, where he hopes to form an alliance with the powerful King Gonzalo--an alliance that would be sealed by Alaric's marriage to Gonzalo's daughter, the beautiful princess Elizabetta.

Thursday, October 31, 2013

New Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels:

Superior Spider-Man. Vol. 2, A Troubled Mind -- Will the Avengers kick Spidey off the team in light of his recent violent actions? The ghostly revenant of Peter Parker fights to regain control of his body, his mind, and his destiny! Is this the beginning of the end for Otto Octavius? Who will emerge as the one, true Spider-Man? Then, the Spider-Slayer is scheduled for execution, and Mayor J. Jonah Jameson has called in the one man he can trust to oversee everything: the Superior Spider-Man!

Justice League [2011], Vol. 2, The Villain’s Journey -- Now that the team's origin story is complete, we shift to the present-day Justice League! What has changed? Who has joined the team since? And why does Green Arrow want to join those ranks so badly? Plus, someone is out to get the Justice League, and he is determined to show the world how mortal these godlike beings really are!

Wolverine and the X-Men [2011]. Vol. 6 -- Wolverine and the students go to the Savage Land! But, Wolverine's half-brother Dog Logan is back -- and Wolverine is in for a world of hurt. Which means that the students are on their own in the Savage Land with no supervision. Uh-oh. And after Dog defeats Wolverine and takes charge of the students, which one won't be coming home?

Natsume’s Book of Friends Vol. 13 & 14 by Midorikawa -- Intrigues abound in the world of professional exorcism, and Natsume wants nothing to do with it. But he has no choice when Matoba, head of a prominent exorcist clan, blackmails him into coming to an exorcist meeting. Is Natsume's fate sealed when one of his special talents is exposed in front of Matoba?

Sakura Hime Vol. 11 by Tanemura -- Kohaku follows Hayate into the woods and finds him there with Rurijo. Enju also witnesses the clandestine meeting and confronts Rurijo about her betrayal. Rurijo, now abandoned by Enju, vows to kill Princess Sakura.

Naruto Vol. 62 by Kishimoto -- With the Edotensei warriors returning to the afterlife, Itachi must soon join them.

Oz. Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz by Shanower -- L. Frank Baum's magical worlds come to life again as Dorothy Gale takes yet another unexpected trip. This time, Dorothy and her cousin Zeb tumble deep into the ground after an earthquake! They'll encounter the strange Mangaboos and invisible bears. They'll tussle with fierce wooden gargoyles and hungry 66-year-old baby dragons! But Dorothy will have an old friend at her side: the wonderful Wizard of Oz! Can the Wizard's guile save Dorothy and Zeb? And what is the Wizard's master plan he's been hiding?